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owner/creative director


I was ten years old when my parents bought our first home
video camera. I would sneak it to my bedroom and make stop motion movies with my Barbie dolls, board games, what ever my imagination allowed. I would take plastic wrap and my mother's face cream and make my own filters way before the ease of Instagram. I was hooked. Later, I went on to study theatre but I reunited with my old flame when I discovered a dated reel-to-reel editing system collecting dust in the corner of a lighting design classroom. I started spending every free moment I had teaching myself how to cut and splice, dub audio, and throw in hysterically basic effects from the sometimes working Video Toaster.
Theatre may have been my first love, but video production has been a thirty year marriage filled with all the passion, ups, downs, and obsessions that one finds in a true soul-mate. Event videography was my first and only choice for the outlet through which I could hone my skills, share my talents and spread joy.
After taking a hiatus to raise my three children I returned to the business I love. It has proven to be as exciting and fulfilling as ever.
Because I love what I do, you will love what I do.    
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LUXlife Global Wedding Awards 2022

Wedding Videographer of the Year - Tampa Bay


The Knot

Best Videography 

West Coast Florida

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